Autistic kids need support.
Will you help?

Children are nearly 4 years old when starting with AEIOU, however their developmental age is an 18 month old.

"Arjac couldn’t talk, he couldn’t connect with other children” says mum, Kristen.

Arjac was diagnosed with autism when he was just 18 months old.

He struggled with emotional regulation, and would have up to 20 meltdowns a day. Like many autistic children, and his behaviours included head banging, crying, kicking, throwing himself to the floor, hitting others and biting peers.

Arjac is a now different boy. Within 6 weeks of starting at AEIOU, Arjac spoke his first words.

His first words were “I love you, too” to his mum.

Kristen told us, “That was the best sentence I have ever heard in my life. AEIOU gave me that moment. They gave me my son back."

Right now, it’s Autism Awareness Month – it’s your chance to help autistic kids like Arjac get the help they need EARLY. Will you be awesome for kids with autism and donate to AEIOU?

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Please support kids with autism to get the specialist help they need EARLY.

provide a set of building blocks essential for early development
give communication cards helping non-verbal autistic kids to thrive
provides reading books critical for language and literacy
provides apps assist non-verbal kids in communicating with adults, peers.

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AEIOU run Early childhood centres (daycares) for children with autism aged 2-6 years old.

Autism is a journey. AEIOU empowers kids and families.

Parents say it is gut-wrenching when their child is diagnosed with autism. They say at first, it can feel like there’s no hope and no future for their child. Research shows parents raising children with autism experience high levels of stress, and at AEIOU, we know autism affects the whole family.

For nearly 20 years, AEIOU has offered a safe landing space, combining therapy, early education and care for children with autism, aged 2 - 6. Parents and carers get the support they need, with help to navigate the early years of their child’s development and understand their child needs while building on their strengths.

Right now, too many children with autism aren’t getting the support they need. Without early intervention and the right therapy, a child’s potential is hampered.

When a child with autism is diagnosed EARLY and gets the support they need EARLY, it completely changes their life.

Please donate to AEIOU today

Your donation will help:

  • Kids with autism receive critical support, especially early on in their lives
  • Specialist toys and playground equipment
  • Equip parents will essential skills to support their child
  • Help autistic kids grow and learn in a safe and welcoming environment

Kids with autism need you.

Without your support AEIOU cannot provide the specialist care that autistic children need in the early years to be able to live their best lives.