Get involved and Be Awesome for Autism this April

Will you be awesome for autism?

It can be gut-wrenching when you discover that your child has autism. You aren’t alone.

This April, get involved. Join a community of people who care about autism. Sign up for a fun run. Make a donation. Attend our Family Day.

Autism Awareness Month is about celebration and acceptance. Together, we can help children with autism live their best lives!

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Get involved

Participate in a Fun Run

Run for children with autism in Toowoomba or Brisbane this April. You’ll help children with autism continue to be awesome and develop lifelong skills.

Free Family Fun Day

Bring the whole family to UQ, St Lucia on Sunday 28 April for a great day out with kids activities, live music, food trucks, and more!


Change an autistic child’s life by giving them the essential support they need.

Piper's Story

At age four, Piper was newly diagnosed with autism, and struggling in mainstream childcare.

Concerning behaviours were escalating, and her educators were at a loss. Piper’s family were also pushed to the limit. “We were in crisis mode as a family” says Piper’s mum Skye. “This diagnosis, which we still didn’t understand, was affecting every aspect of our lives, emotionally and financially. We were looking for something – anything – that could help.”

Luckily, Piper and her family were supported by AEIOU.

AEIOU creates a safe and supportive environment for kids and families to ‘feel seen’ and get the support they so desperately need.

After three months, Piper was walking into class without Skye by her side, something she had never been able to do. Amazingly, after 12 months, Piper was ready for mainstream schooling.

“The difference AEIOU has made to Piper is extraordinary”. Skye says, “Autism has taught us compassion and patience we didn’t know we had. We were given tools to support Piper which we didn’t have prior to AEIOU, and we are surviving so much better.”

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