Your generous gift allows children with autism can live their best lives

Your kind generosity changes lives

With heartfelt thanks to the Lexus Owner’s Group on behalf of the WANTZ Committee for the wonderful support in 2023 to help children with autism live their best lives.

At AEIOU, we have a simple but sincere goal: to create a lifetime of opportunities for children with autism with a unique, specialist early intervention program that integrates therapy, education and care.

We are glad that you agree with us that every child with autism should have the right to early intervention and the opportunity to live their best life!

But we need your help.

Your caring donation today can make a tremendous difference helping children with autism to learn important skills to connect with others and build their independence. You are providing them with the greatest chance to develop the skills they need to reach their full potential.  

If you need support donating or do not wish to donate online please get in touch on 1300 692 392 or 

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Could provide a set of building blocks for a therapy room
Could go towards a painting set for a classroom
Could provide a set of communication cards for a child
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Your impact to children with autism

All funds raised help to ensure children enrolled in our service access quality educational resources and provide them with the greatest chance to develop the skills they need to reach their full potential.

AEIOU Foundation offers hope and can make a genuine difference in the lives of these children and their families by helping to limit the more disabling aspects of autism.

Even though children graduate from AEIOU and transition into new learning environments, they never truly leave us. That brings us light and hope and creates a positive focus for all our staff, encouraging them to continue the vital work they do each day.

Please, donate today and help children with autism live their best lives.

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