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The autism community is among the most vulnerable: often isolated, misunderstood, facing challenges and fears for the future.

Raising a child with autism, particularly a child with co-existing conditions, is challenging. Many families experience financial, social and wellbeing impacts. 

At AEIOU, children and families are recognised and respected for their unique strengths and qualities, and they are supported to achieve their goals.

Importantly, our research is highlighting the importance of continued investment in early intervention services. It also presents exciting opportunities to work with government and other stakeholders to leverage our rich longitudinal research for the benefit of autistic children and their families.

But we can’t do this without the kindness of caring people like you.

Please make your tax-deductible gift before June 30.

You’ll provide children with autism the greatest chance to live their best lives.  

How your generosity makes a life changing difference

Just imagine … the journey from initial diagnosis to enrolment at an AEIOU centre can be overwhelming and daunting.  It is a challenging and complex journey with many decisions to consider. 

With your kind support, we’re able to focus on the goals of the child, so that we can deliver on our mission of giving children with autism the opportunity to live their best lives. 

Children just like Pietra and Malu, 3 year old twins. Their mother, Yara Morales, says AEIOU has changed her whole life. “Before coming to AEIOU, they would cry every day. Pietra would be alone, in her own world. 

Fast forward eight months, and Yara says her family’s life has been transformed. “I see the way the team at AEIOU is with the children. Not only does the team help the girls; they help me. They create activities so I can play with them, games that are fun but which help with their cognitive skills. I have so much support, I really feel it,”

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