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Your gift this Christmas will make DOUBLE the impact to children with autism!

Time to go!


YOU are amazing!  Thank you for your caring generosity for the AEIOU Giving Day and for helping children with autism live their best lives! 

With your help, and with thanks to our matching partners, our incredible AEIOU Community has raised over $200,000!! 🎊🎉

All matching funds have now been fulfilled.

However, it’s not too late to make a difference – YOU can still donate and change lives.  Ongoing community support is vital to help expand service capacity, reach more young children with autism, and to enhance their learning opportunities.

Thank YOU


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Can provide ‘communication cards’ for one child
Could purchase reading books for a classroom.
Provide a child with a PODD Communication book.
Enough to provide an outdoor PECS board in a playground.
Can purchase an iPad with communication apps.
Can fund a Interactive whiteboard in a classroom

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" Because of AEIOU, the 3 boys are living their best little lives – punches have been replaced by hugs and tears of sadness are now tears of joy. We don't need to fix autism, but we needed the support only AEIOU could give us, with people who understand our kids, who see their strengths and unique qualities, and who know how to connect with them. We also found a community, of both the staff and other parents, so our families were finally able to access the support we needed. "

– Mums of Paddy, Jono and Alfie 

Your impact for children with autism

All funds raised through AEIOU Giving Day help to ensure children enrolled in our service access quality educational resources and provide them with the greatest chance to develop the skills they need to reach their full potential.

AEIOU Foundation offers hope and can make a genuine difference in the lives of these children and their families by helping to limit the more disabling aspects of autism.

Even though children graduate from AEIOU and transition into new learning environments, they never truly leave us. That brings us light and hope and creates a positive focus for all our staff, encouraging them to continue the vital work they do each day.

Please, donate today and help children with autism live their best lives.

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