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This April, be awesome for kids with autism by doing a fun run and challenging yourself.

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Be awesome for children with autism

Celebrate Autism Awareness Month this April by taking part in a fun run and raising vital funds for children with autism and their families.

You will make a tremendous difference by growing awareness and understanding of autism and neurodiversity.

Funding for essential learning equipment and resources will help these kids learn important skills to connect with others, improve their communication, and build their independence.

Because of your awesomeness, we are one step closer to reaching our goal of providing early intervention to every Australian child with autism.

Sign up today and help change the lives of kids with autism and their families.

AEIOU Fun Runs

Join our fun runs and be awesome for autism this April.

AEIOU Toowoomba
Fun Run

Toowoomba Grammar School
24 Margaret Street, East Toowoomba
7am – 11am | Sunday 21 April

AEIOU Brisbane
Fun Run

University of Queensland
St Lucia Campus, Recreation Precinct Playground
7:30am – 11.30am | Sunday 28 April


Arjac's story

"Arjac was diagnosed with autism when he was 18 months old. We had a little boy who found it really difficult to manage his emotions and would have up to 20 meltdowns a day. He wouldn't talk, he wouldn't connect with other children, he wouldn't look at other kids. He only ate four foods, and he was incredibly underweight, just 11 kilograms.  
About 10 months after he started at AEIOU, he started talking. One night when I I tucked him into bed, and I said I love you As I was walking out of the room. I hear this little voice say I love you, too. That was the best sentence I have ever heard in my life. AEIOU gave me that moment. They gave me my son back."

Kristen, mum of Arjac.